Re: Announcement/RFC: jhbuild continuous integration testing

Tristan Van Berkom [2013-02-14 17:55 +0900]:
That's a trickier thing. For most commits, one should actually be able
to build them independently, but sometimes those "in between" breaks
are inevitable. Say, you make an API change in a library and then
update your application to the new API, then in between you will get a
build failure. The next iteration should fix it again.
We have that problem independently of the frequency we build stuff of
course, as we can always hit a "bad time".

As someone mentioned/proposed earlier in this thread, this kind of temporary
error could probably be ruled out with a timeout (perhaps not a real timeout,
but a measurement in elapsed time between commits).

The longer the timeout, the less useful the notifications get, though.
E. g., if you change API and then update your consumer, for the
notification to not hit you in between you'd need to defer it at least
by an hour. However, if you accidentally break something, you might
not even be at the computer an hour later, or are busy with something

I do agree that this kind of delay needs to be adjusted according to
which type of notification we send. For a plain email, I think there
should be no delay at all. If you break something and fix it again,
you'll just get two mails that say "OMGbroken!" and then "YAYfixed \o/"
and you have your piece of mind. For a bug report we certainly want to
wait a bit to avoid too much noise.



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