Re: Announcement/RFC: jhbuild continuous integration testing

Hello all,

Travis Reitter [2013-02-12 13:21 -0800]:
> On Tue, 2013-02-12 at 07:43 +0100, Martin Pitt wrote:
> > To make this really useful, we can't rely on developers checking this
> > every hour or every day, of course; instead we need push notifications
> > as soon as a module starts failing. That's the bit which needs broader
> > discussion and consent.
> I'd like to offer:
> (0) auto-file an urgent/critical bug against the module in the case of
> build breaks (and maybe high/major for test breaks?)

Claudio Saavedra [2013-02-12 23:24 +0200]:
> (3) Automatically filing a bug in the broken module with the details of
> the breakage and additionally CC: whoever might be interested in keeping
> an eye on the continuous integration?

This creates more overhead, but I like this proposal as well. I guess
one can use python-bzutils and the like to auto-create bugs, and
remember on the Jenkins side which bug was opened for which module,
and auto-close it once the build works again.

The main issue that I see with this is that it's much harder to filter
away/opt out, so it requires some broader consensus that we want to do
this. We can still add a module blacklist if needed, though.



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