Re: New libgtop maintainer

On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 02:17:29PM +0300, Robert Roth wrote:
     It does. I am actually running a full GNOME 3.8.3 installation on
     And part of my job is to deploy such combo on hundreds of machines.

   For me this is a pretty good and solid argument for keeping libgtop as
   an abstraction layer for getting system information, even if we would
   only have OpenBSD and linux-based systems using GNOME, even if there
   would be only these two implementations (but there are some more).
   In fact keeping everything up-to-date, buildable and ported to each
   system seems like the biggest challenge for me in maintaining libgtop,
   and would appreciate users of non-linux based OSs using GNOME willing
   to help sending me a note to know who can test newly ported/help
   porting new code.

You can count on Jasper L.A (jasper openbsd org) and myself (ajacoutot openbsd org) to keep maintaining the 
OpenBSD backend.


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