Fixing evolution system modal prompting in 3.6.1

I've been working on this problem:

evolution-data-server uses the keyring prompting facility to show system modal password prompts from its DBus service. Between prompts (but without hiding them) evolution connects to the (eg: IMAP) server and checks that the password is valid.

This creates a problem for the user because while connecting to a server, the user cannot do anything with the system, and also cannot cancel (the otherwise inactive) prompt.

The question is how to fix this for 3.6. I have patches, but they're invasive.

In 3.8 I would like to help evolution-data-server fix password prompting so its not system modal, especially when these prompts are not in response to a user initiated action. In addition I have added a way to cancel inactive (ie: 'checking' state) prompts.

But for 3.6 we have two choices:

1. Merge a new facility to allow cancellation of inactive (ie:
   'checking' state) keyring prompts. This requires at least 9



   evolution: a not yet written patch to listen for prompt closure
        and do g_cancellable_cancel() for the cancellable passed
        into the server password checking code.

   This is a large change, and I'm uncomfortable merging it in the
   stable gnome-3-6 branch. I would defer to the release team if
   this is the only way forward, however.

2. Have evolution hide the prompts while it's connecting to its
   (eg: IMAP) server and checking the password. This means 1 patch:


   This approach was rejected by the evolution developers. However
   I would request reconsideration of this. Perhaps it could be
   committed to the gnome-3-6 branch as a work around?



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