UI freeze exception for Web in 3.6.x


GtkApplications with app menus show a menubar with a single menu in it
when running in environments that do not support the whole app-menu
business (basically anything but Shell and Unity, AFAIK). This looks
bad, and I have received complaints about it in the past. It's a bit
late in the game now, but I'd like to push a fix for this in 3.6 so
that we just merge the app menu contents in the gear menu, like File
and other apps do, when app menus are not supported. I think this
should basically make the experience better in those platforms and has
absolutely no effect in GNOME and/or Unity, so to me it is a safe and
good improvement.

So, is this OK, any strong objection?


PS: I have actually already pushed this change to 3.6 (sorry!), but if
I don't get the approval I'll just revert before 3.6.1.

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