Re: Fallback mode is going away - what now ?

Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com> wrote:
>> to be fair, I'd envision this as a completely separate session that
>> you need to install and select, similar to what Ubuntu does —
>> especially if we want to call it "GNOME Classic".


> I don't think a separate session will work very well for this - for
> one thing, setting this up will require a number of settings to be
> tweaked (e.g. the one for the minimize button), and alternative
> sessions don't have the right infrastructure for that.

A separate user session would be the best user experience, IMO.

> The session
> chooser on the login screen is not the best designed part of the login
> experience either.

That's a non-argument. We can improve it.

The Tweak Tool is *completely* the wrong place for this. In what way
is completely changing the shell a "tweak"? How does it make sense to
be able to completely change the experience using a setting that is
included in a non-core application, and which could later be removed?
What kind of experience will you get when the shell transitions to
"classic" mode right in front of the user's eyes?

The Tweak Tool shouldn't have anything to do with extensions. They are
something that you install and run as a part of the system, not
something to be "tweaked" via settings.


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