Re: libzapojit 0.0.1

> Hey Debarshi, just a few more questions, so we can sort this new
> dependency properly:
> - Does it have any dependencies besides glib ? libsoup, librest ?

Apart from those 3, it uses json-glib for dealing with the JSON sent by the
server, and gnome-online-accounts for the OAuth2 tokens for Windows Live.

It should be possible to make the GOA dependency optional. In that case, we
would need another implementation of the ZpjAuthorizer interface which would
have to do the OAuth2 authentication flow with some help from the client
application. I did not write this code, yet, because there is no current use
for it.

This is also how libgdata works. Documents uses an implementation of
GDataAuthorizer which uses GOA, but there are GDataClientLoginAuthorizer and
GDataOAuth1Authorizer too.

> - What is the license ?

> - Are the APIs that it uses restricted somehow ?

These are the APIs that it uses:
Core Concepts:

They don't look restricted or encumbered, but I don't know.

However, on the Microsoft forums, another application developer said that
he was trying to sniff the network traffic to find out the APIs used by
Microsoft's client because he could not get something to work. In response,
Microsoft employees told him not to do that because third party developers
are supposed to be using the aforementioned APIs.

Happy hacking,

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