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On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 1:55 PM, Ray Strode <halfline gmail com> wrote:

I put together a live image with a jhbuild built in it here:

Woot!  Well played sir, well played.  Thank you for this gift.  :)

Now if we can only figure out how to make the whole thing automated so we can have one every day.

You can write the image to a usb stick with this command:

sudo dd if=GNOME-3.5.1-LiveUSB.iso of=/dev/DRIVE bs=8M conv=fsync

(where DRIVE is a usb stick, probably /dev/sdb, but could be something
different, so be careful!)

It's a little hacked together, at the moment.  I'd like to get the
process I used more refined and potentially automated so we can do
testing more easily and regularly through the development cycle.

One thing, that makes this image less than useful in virtual machines
is a bug in software rendering.  Adam Jackson,
has a cogl workaround here:

But that patch isn't applied, so this image doesn't work great in
virtual machines.  Hopefully that will be resolved soon.

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