Re: [evolution-kolab] Code Freeze Break request

On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 7:17 AM, Christian Hilberg
<hilberg kernelconcepts de> wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> evolution-kolab [0] has been developed as an Evolution plugin
> for version 2.30, at SourceForge.
>  After the release of evolution-kolab 0.30.0, back at SF,
> the project has moved to and porting to current Git
> master of Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server has been done.
> 3.4.0 will be the first release of evolution-kolab as one
> component of GNOME.
>  Alas, after the release of 3.3.92 only I found some crashers
> in evolution-kolab which bring down Evolution-Data-Server (pls.
> see [1] and [2] on bugzilla). The fixes for these bugs are
> sitting on a Git branch, waiting for merging into Git master,
> as referenced in the bugreports.
>  Since the bugs are severe, I herewith ask for allowance to include
> the three commits mentioned in the bugreports into Git master
> of evolution-kolab before the release of 3.4.0. Tests on AMD64
> are now commencing, should I find a 64bit issue, I would like to
> get the fix for it in before 3.4.0 as well (though I do not expect
> any 32/64 bit issues here).

I don't think we're considering evolution-kolab as part of the release
set, so you don't really have to feel bound by the 3.4 freeze.

Its a good thing to fix those crashes, though !

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