Re: Code break requested for gnome-packgekit


> Aisleroit seems to call into the DBus interface of gnome-packages with
> a request to install zero packages. This is forwarded to PackageKit,
> which duly crashes if you are running the zif backend. I've fixed up
> PackageKit-zif upstream and also added a check in the daemon to block
> this kind of broken request. It also makes sense to patch g-pk in
> gnome-3-4 so we don't crash older versions of PackageKit.

I don't think it's aisleriot itself that calls packagekit with 0
packages to install. Aisleriot uses
org.freedesktop.PackageKit.Modify.InstallCatalogs with
(well, the result of that file being processed by config.status,
obviously). I guess packagekit doesn't handle this resulting in a call
to install 0 packages?

> Trivial path below, thanks.

Wouldn't it be better to make this a *successful* return
(after all, nothing went wrong, all requested packages were
installed :-) ) instead of an error?


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