20120308 meeting minutes

Release Team Meeting, 2012-03-08, 18h UTC


 Alejandro Piñeiro (API)
 Colin Walters (walters)
 Andre Klapper (andre)
 Matthias Clasen (mclasen)
 Luca Ferretti (elle.luca)
 Frederic Peters (fredp)
 Javier Jardon (jjardon) (at the beginning)

 Olav Vitters (bkor)
 Kjartan Maraas (kmaraas)


 - Release Assignment
 - 3.4 Status
 - External dependencies Process
 - 3.4 Features
 - OSTree Updates
 - a11y status for 3.4
 - Release Notes

Release Assignment

Now: 3.3.91: walters
March 21th: 3.3.92: jjardon
March 28th: 3.4.0: mclasen
April 18th: 3.4.1 : fredp

3.4 Status

Blocker bugs:

API wonders about putting some GNOME Shell bugs with the GNOME 3.4
target. General advice is doing that, as the priority can be lowered
later if required.

andre will prepare a blocker bugs report, draft to be sent to
relase-team, bug squad and distributors-list, then it will be sent to

Matthias points out that there may be more bug fallout from touch and
scrolling changes in GTK+.

External Dependencies Process

We define the jhbuild modulesets as the reference place for accepted
external dependencies versions.

We sort external deps according to

At the beginning of a cycle, we  send out the current list of external
dependencies that we are aware of, and ask everybody to stick to that,
or ask for changes.

fredp will work on a moduleset → html/wiki page tool.

In the long term it would be really nice if we could get version info
automatically from the different modules, so we could automatically
detect new ones.

3.4 Features

There's a few things in there still that won't make 3.4, mclasen will
move them to 3.6, and will update existing pages.

The boxes team wants us to mention gnome-boxes only as a 'preview'.

We should more actively track features, mclasen did it all by himself
this cycle.

OSTree Updates

Basically the core idea is that you can *parallel install* a full
userspace image and boot into it; this is similar to how with
jhbuild you aren't endangering your opensuse/debian/fedora/whatever
except that unlike jhbuild, it delivers binaries.

Also, unlike dpkg/rpm, it's designed to be good for *development*

Anyways so the high level status is that the proof of concept works
you can follow

However in practice there is a lot of pending work to push it over
the edge into usefulness.

walters will keep the team informed, so we know when it gets to a
state where it's worth spending time using

a11y status for 3.4

API has been adding bugs/patches for ATK support on GNOME Shell;
with all of them, GNOME Shell becames really usable with Orca.

danw started to review some of those patches.

The magnifier can now be configured from system settings.

Inverse/brightness/ is almost there but not sure if will get into 3.4.

Focus tracking has been discarded for this cycle.

joanie has been working a lot to get Orca more smooth, and generally
speaking things are much more stable now.

Release Notes

andre got a random list of notes on the wiki, hopes to get
something done tomorrow or next week.

API mentioned the release notes during the a11y meeting, hopefully
someone steps up to help.

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