Re: bumping the pulseaudio requirement

On 06/28/2012 10:48 PM, Colin Walters wrote:
On Thu, 2012-06-28 at 15:37 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
We have a nice sound panel simplification incoming in which relies on pa
2.0 api to get rid of the 'Hardware' tab.

I propose that we bump the pulseaudio requirement to 2.0 so we can
land this nice improvement. Pulseaudio 2.0 was released 2 month ago,
which is admittedly fairly recent, but I suspect that 1.99.1 from
March has all the required API already.

The main issue is the impact on people using jhbuild on "last stable
distribution" such as Ubuntu 12.04 or Fedora 17.  Does pulseaudio build
from jhbuild on those systems?

I have not "built pulseaudio from jhbuild", but just to complicate matters, Ubuntu 12.04 runs PulseAudio 1.1 with the jack detection patches backported.

So for a standard installation of Ubuntu 12.04, installing the libpulse-dev header package makes the new sound UI compile - well, as long as you don't add the explicit requirement on PA 2.0...

David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.

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