Smoketesting 3.5.3

Fresh files are available here:

Notes and know issues:

 * folks -- using by now the old one (with no support to latest eds
API) waiting for a new release; manually disabled eds backend, this
makes gnome-contacts fails to configure

 * gdl -- manually switched back to 3.4.2, due to a build failure for
gdlmm using latest (3.5.x) gdl

 * evince -- back to 3.5.2 due to b.g.o:678755 I hope we can have a new release

 * manually skipped nss and nspr in jhbuildrc :)

 * gnome-color-manager fails to build, you can patch colord-gtk with
this [1] (I hope hughsie can provide a new one)

I've a work appointment this afternoon, plus I prefer wait new
packages (folks, evince and colord-gtk) to include in this release. So
maybe the official release could be a little late :)


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