Re: Pre-check for 3.5.3 release

On Mon, 2012-06-25 at 23:46 +0200, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> -- libzeitgeist --
> folks (currently in -suite-core-deps) now depends on libzeitgeist
> (currently in -world from launchpad). AFAIK libzeitgeist and zeitgeist
> framework in general aren't approved components for GNOME core stuff,
>  so I suspect we could need a formal approval or similar in next r-t
> meeting.

IMO release-team currently does not have any process for formal
approvals of dependencies in place so I do not see any no kind of
approval needed. It was the same for totem's dependency on mx.

> -- new EDS API --
> the only missing module to be ported to new API seems to be
> nautilus-sendto (at lease in our "core" stuff). hadess did a new
> branch, me or mbarnes will do the release. 
> Any other module?

Only report left for new e-d-s API is for gnome-contacts as it needs
some testing:

> -- libgweather vs gnome-panel vs evolution* --
> gnome-panel was updated to use libgweather master (and ported from
> gconf to gsettings too), while evolution and e-d-s still needs old
> stable one. Now, two options:
>  1) disable weather calendar in evo* and ship libgweather 3.5.x

Ship 3.5.x as the patch was complex and needs testing.


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