Re: Pre-check for 3.5.3 release

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 5:46 PM, Luca Ferretti <lferrett gnome org> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> here are some potential issues to solve in order to have a beautiful 3.5.3
> release and a smooth path to 3.6.0 :-)
> -- libzeitgeist --
> folks (currently in -suite-core-deps) now depends on libzeitgeist (currently
> in -world from launchpad). AFAIK libzeitgeist and zeitgeist framework in
> general aren't approved components for GNOME core stuff, so I suspect we
> could need a formal approval or similar in next r-t meeting.
> Meanwhile I planned to apply this change in moduleset (basically move
> libzeitgeist in -suite-core-deps and fetch it from release
> tarball):
> By now it seems reasonable to my, isn't it?

Yes, we need to talk about it, but letting it slip in for 3.5.3 seems best.

> -- python 3 --
> we can force jhbuild to use python3, but not sure if it's proper here and
> now. I was planning to use previous 3.5.x release, any ideas?

See d-d-l discussion from this morning.

> -- colord & colord-gtk --
> hughsie splitted out colord-gtk -- --
> not sure the latter is available as tarball. This shouldn't be an actual
> issue for 3.5.3 release, but we have to update jhbuild and eventually poke
> hughsie to have a tarball :)

I can poke him tomorrow morning (or you can, too)

> -- libgweather vs gnome-panel vs evolution* --
> gnome-panel was updated to use libgweather master (and ported from gconf to
> gsettings too), while evolution and e-d-s still needs old stable one. Now,
> two options:
>  1) disable weather calendar in evo* and ship libgweather 3.5.x
>  2) ship libgwheater 3.4 and use previous gnome-panel
> see

Considering the bug already has a patch, I would tend to say disable
weather in evo for this release. It is not exactly a central piece of
evolution functionality...

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