GNOME 3.5.4 release notes

* Some module releases were done late. Others made that on time, but
required to do a new release during the week (like gdm).

* I needed to do by myself releases for caribou and gnome-panel

* I had again problems to compile WebKit. For any reason it was trying
to use system libraries when it should be using the ones at the jhbuild
environment. Probably something wrong with my environment. In the end I
was able to compile it.

* IMPORTANT: as with last release that I did (3.3.90) I was not able to
compile gnome-disk-utility due the lack of udisk2. My fault. As I said
on that release, I should have take that into account, but I assumed
that this issue should not be a problem now, as it is not a problem in
other distros. As I was not able to compile gnome-disk-utility, I was
also not able to compile libvirt or gnome-boxes. I added them to the
list of skipped at the jhbuildrc file. So that means that some modules
were not tested. I tried to find a plan B, but upgrading my laptop to a
unstable release was too risky, both to the release itself and my dayjob.

* Big Delay: as you could seen there was a big delay. A lot was related
with some of the issues that I have just mentioned, some other was just
a busy dayjob week.


Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

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