Another update on GnomeGoals for 3.6

Its been a few weeks since sent the last status update on the goals
that we've adopted for 3.6:

We've made really good progress.

XdgConfigFolders is basically done as far as GNOME is concerned - you
will have to scroll down to the long list of other software to find
something to work on for that goal. I'd declare this goal done now, if
it wasn't for stragglers like gnome-keyring and mission-control).
GSettingsMigration is pretty much in the same place - there are a few
GNOME modules left here: gnome-session, gnome-user-share,
gnome-search-tool, devhelp. Everything else is at this point blocking
on GSettingsList.

PortGtkApplication and PortToGMenu are not quite as far along, there's
still a bunch of GNOME modules where you could help out with this:
brasero, gnome-system-monitor, aisleriot, devhelp, vinagre, etc.
RemoveMarkupInMessages also still has quite a few easy targets where
you can make translators lifes easier.

With two goals essentially done already, here are a few new goals that
have come up recently, and that we would like to see progress on for

While it is not absolutely required to get the two migrations done
completely for 3.6 (gstreamer 1.0/0.10 and libsecret/libgnome-keyring
are both parallel installable), at least in the case of gstreamer, the
cost of installing two complete stacks (including plugins, etc) is not
negligible and we should really try to make a complete switch. Also,
it would be cool if GNOME 3.6 was the first desktop to use gstreamer

Matthias, for the release team

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