Re: About libgee 0.8 and GNOME 3.6

On Sun, 2012-07-08 at 12:01 +0900, Javier Jardón wrote:
> Hello Maciej,
> As some GNOME modules are starting to port to libgee 0.8, Id like to
> ask you what is the status of this module. Do you plan to have a
> stable 0.8 release for GNOME 3.6 (September)?
> Thanks

Hi Javier,

The answer is somehow complicated.
On one hand I would love to move forward and release 0.8. On the other
hand the API/ABI is not finished.

The problem with libgee release is that I am blocked on several Vala
bugs. I understand that Vala team is overworked[1] but the important one
is #640330. I've talked with Jürg last desktop summit about this bug and
methods to implement it without breaking ABI/API (attached to bug) but I
am not aware about any work on this. 

Once this is finished it would be possible to release an API/ABI stable
version and move forward (the next releases would add planned features
for 0.8 but without breaking ABI).

If libgee 0.8 was 'Gnome Goal' for 3.6 maybe there should be metabug to
mark what needs to be done?

Best regards

PS. Sorry if I sounds like I am shifting blame to Vala developers. My
real life and real laziness also plays role in slipping schedule .

[1] I have problem getting patches reviewed like in bugs #667452,
#666478 even pinging on IRC.

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