Re: Fwd: New folks release for 3.5.3 needed

Ok, thanks

2012/7/3 Jeremy Whiting <jpwhiting kde org>

I started to get a folks ready this morning, then realized I
had forgotten a step when I did the previous release (marking
UNRELEASED as 0.7.2)  so did that and ran the unit tests, but tracker
tests have 2 that are failing at the moment.  I discussed with Philip
and tried to find a fix, but didn't yet.  I'll get you a
tarball tomorrow since I've already spent too much time on this unused
backend anyway.


On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 9:42 AM, Luca Ferretti <lferrett gnome org> wrote:
> 2012/7/1 Matthew Barnes <mbarnes redhat com>
>> Evolution-Data-Server released, with the requested commits plus
>> a couple other build fixes.
> Great, thanks. Philip, Jeremy, if you simply need to update version in
> and prepare the tarball, I can do it.

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