Re: New mouse/touchpad test area design

Bastien Nocera wrote:

> I'd like to commit the patches in:
> Which give you a new design for testing your touchpad or mouse,
> including scrolling, clicking and double-clicking.
> It looks like that:
> and you can scroll up a fantastic balloon string.
> OK to commit?

The documentation will have to be updated for this one , in particular
the "Adjust the double-click speed" page talks about the smiley:

 "Use the smiley face under the slider to test your settings. A single
  click will make it smile. A double-click will give it an ear-to-ear

Btw it's already obsoleted by other changes in the mouse panel, for
example the face is now on a different page, more importantly several
pages talk about tabs in that settings panel (both mouse & touchpad),
ex: "select the Mouse tab."

I'll wait for a comment from the documentation team.


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