- Fix handling of multipart data-only SMS messages
- Fix SMS notifications for some Qualcomm devices
- Fix QCDM registration checking
- Send 'State' property changed signals
- ZTE: support more devices
- ZTE: support for PPP- and DHCP-based devices that use Icera chipsets
- ZTE: fix allowed mode response handling
- ZTE: power modems down when disabled
- Huawei: fix intermittent issue with newer devices not being recognized
- mbm: power modems down when disabled
- mbm: add support for Ericsson H5321 (found in Thinkpad X230)
- Sierra: fix detection of APP1 ports broken by 0.5.2
- Sierra: fix signal quality checking on devices that use PPP
- Sierra: more reliable data connections with the USB305/Lightning
- Icera: retry configuring PDP context if it fails
- Novatel: fix checking of CDMA Extended Roaming Indicator

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