Libgee 0.8 API slip


Sorry for that but I will have 1 week API slip of libgee. Despite that
libgee is not officially following GNOME release schedule due to recent
interest it was pointed out that it might be good to let you know about

The 0.8 is nearly finished and I will release next version tomorrow
evening (US time). However there are a few things that should go into
0.8 which I haven't managed to include.

That includes following:
 - Port functional iterators to Map (impact - if anyone is implementing
Map interface he would need to 'implement' one interface more - i.e. add
one short name after ':' sign).
 - Make collections returned from MultiMap views rather then copies (the
only thing changed is semantics and I don't think anyone is relaying on

Sorry for troubles,
Best regards

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