Freeze break request

Bug 678637 - printers: New features for Printers panel
 - I plan to modify these:

I won't be able to incorporate changes required by reviewer before UI
freeze to my patches which redesign new printer dialog. The patches
changes UI and can be considered as a feature change.

They simplify the dialog from UI point of view and also make all its
calls asynchronous so it doesn't stuck.

I worked on these for more than one month so the original patch came
through a lot of testing. The modified version needs to be tested too
(but not so much because the code will be reused).

The required changes are big and I'm off next week. I would need another
week to finish this. So I would like to commit modified patch at the
first weekend of September.

I would like to know whether there is a chance that you'll allow me to
commit it when it is ready.



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