Re: Evolution - string freeze break for gnome-3-4 branch

Hi Milan!

> Matthew decided to "outsource" the usability to GtkFileChooser, but it's
> not ready yet for our needs (to open in previously used folder), thus I
> want to return back functionality users are used to in Evolution. It's
> very rare to attach the same file multiple times, you usually want to
> add more files from the same folder. Currently, you are presented with
> "Recently used" items, which is useless, then you need mouse to get to
> your album folder, which can be anywhere. I hope you can imagine the
> pain for users.
> As an example, I cannot imagine loosing option for "Always ask me where
> to save files" from FireFox, neither if it would always open in other
> than previously used folder. It would be a deal breaker for me.

OK, I see your point and these strings are most likely still in most
translations. So 1 of 2 with i18n-head on but I would really like to
have usuability in GtkFileChooser fixed because it is personally
annoying me to always default to recent use files (=> release-team...).


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