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So upstart decision was not just for 12.10 but for the foreseeable

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Hi Olav,

On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 10:32:23AM +0200, Olav Vitters wrote:
> Some new functionality indeed depends on it (GDM multi seat). Other than
> that the idea is more about interfaces, though that might cause
> difficulties (e.g. if not communicated well what is depended upon like
> the timezone stuff).

Yes, we are very interested in making sure we get the interfaces right.

> > The Ubuntu Foundations team has committed to supporting upstart going
> > forward beyond 12.04, and working to ensure it meets the needs of Ubuntu and
> > flavors on desktops, servers and beyond.  I look forward to talking with
> > folks at UDS next month about this topic.

> I'm interested to know if:
> - Upstart will stay forever

Nothing in software is forever, but this is not a decision that we plan to
revisit.  We believe, as we have since its first deployment, that upstart is
the right boot architecture for Linux both now and in the future.  And
contrary to the hype, upstart has a significant head start on systemd now in
terms of real-world burn-in, which isn't going away.  If there are no
compelling reasons to switch to systemd now, I don't think it's realistic to
think that's going to change in the future.

> - Upstart vs systemd will be decided again in e.g. 6 months time or a
>   multiple of that

It would be a very large multiple.

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