* Ensure newly installed VPN plugins are able to talk to NetworkManager via D-Bus
* Add a UUID property to the ActiveConnection interface for easier client
   network connection determination
* Fix handling of link-local IPv6 DNS servers when using the dnsmasq plugin
* Allow subject verification of 802.1x/WPA Enterprise server certificates
* Ensure the 'novj' pppd option is given to pppd when requested

========  (1.34M)
  sha256sum: 48c02a54b08fc4a9419fb5f300ea5c0b3f31262e5c8feb95a104df673d8aaf5b (1.63M)
  sha256sum: 006991a3f0b7400240fa14e6148a97433826a7aeaadb1e11921a122ead5608ba

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