Re: Power settings ui freeze break request

On Thu, 2011-09-01 at 12:12 +0100, Allan Day wrote:
> Hi all,
> The current power panel settings have a few usability issues that it
> would be great to have fixed for 3.2. I have recently been working on
> a new design for these that could be implemented in the next couple of
> days (ie. before the string freeze). The relevant bug:
> The new design has been reviewed by several members of the design
> team. I've checked the user documentation and, from what I can tell,
> these changes will not have much impact there.

The basic UI reshuffling will affect about a dozen pages. Maybe
a few more from the removal of what to do when the power and
sleep buttons are pressed, but that change already went in on
master (after the announcement period, without an announcement).

I'm a bit more concerned about this from the bug:

  Uses non-recommended terminology, such as 'sleep' (should be
  'suspend') and 'computer' (doesn't work for tablets)."

We've been bouncing around on sleep/suspend in the help, mostly
because the UI bounces around. I'm happy to fix that if we've
decided suspend is the word. That's a few more pages.

But "computer"? grep tells me 110 pages use that word. That's
just in gnome-help. Who decided that's not recommended? What
are we supposed to use instead? System? Device? Thingamajig?
And how are tablets not computers?


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