Re: 2011-11-05 meeting minutes

On Sun, Nov 06, 2011 at 04:46:57PM +0100, Frederic Peters wrote:
> When to kill fallback?
> ======================
> Prompted by a discussion on and the
> improvements in software rendering, we probably want to come up with a
> story to tell by the time we release 3.4, as we see how the plan works
> out in Fedora 17, keeping careful like "we plan to make fallback mode
> go away by 3.6, however might reconsider as per progress in lower stack
> components and the general availability of them".

How should I read the summary? Fallback in 3.6 or not? Initially I
thought keep still in 3.6, but re-reading the discussion I think
everyone meant keep in 3.4, gone in 3.6?

Anyone know how difficult it is to keep fallback a bit longer? At the
moment not a lot of distributions have shipped GNOME 3 for long. So I
wonder if we're moving too fast.

Also, any point in being clear that gnome-panel+gnome-applets will still
be around, the only change is that we don't support it? Then clarify why
that is. I know the two modes are messy for various parts, but would be
nice to have this documented so it is a bit more factual so others more
easily understand.

Think we should also send a summary to devel-announce-list, once
everyone agrees on the message. Would love to get input of more
distributions (fedora, opensuse, mageia, etc). Difficulty that some have
not provided GNOME 3 yet (mageia, mint).

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