freeze request: Do not add bluetooth devices to the network panel to avoid asserting the control-center

commit acd9aeddbd9bd07fc026d54d6f1a863f5c7d41c8
Author: Richard Hughes <richard hughsie com>
Date:   Thu Mar 31 16:05:12 2011 +0100

    network: Do not add bluetooth devices to the panel to avoid
asserting the control-center

    There's no mockup for bluetooth devices, and it's not clear what any of the
    buttons or sliders should do.
    I'll actually wire up bluetooth devices for 3.2, but this at least fixes the
    assert ready for 3.0.

diff --git a/panels/network/cc-network-panel.c
index 33ce52a..0116148 100644
--- a/panels/network/cc-network-panel.c
+++ b/panels/network/cc-network-panel.c
@@ -552,6 +552,11 @@ panel_add_device (CcNetworkPanel *panel, NMDevice *device)
         if (find_in_model_by_id (panel, nm_device_get_udi (device)) != NULL)
                 goto out;

+        /* we don't support bluetooth devices yet -- no mockup */
+        type = nm_device_get_device_type (device);
+        if (type == NM_DEVICE_TYPE_BT)
+                goto out;
         g_debug ("device %s type %i",
                  nm_device_get_udi (device),
                  nm_device_get_device_type (device));
@@ -559,7 +564,6 @@ panel_add_device (CcNetworkPanel *panel, NMDevice *device)
                           (GCallback) device_state_notify_changed_cb, panel);

         /* do we have to get additonal data from ModemManager */
-        type = nm_device_get_device_type (device);
         if (type == NM_DEVICE_TYPE_MODEM) {
                 g_dbus_proxy_new_for_bus (G_BUS_TYPE_SYSTEM,



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