Re: Hard code freeze break for gnome-panel for centered clock

Le jeudi 31 mars 2011, à 08:43 -0400, Matthias Clasen a écrit :
> Obviously risky to continue taking this amount of change a few days
> away from the release.
> I hope that you and Ryan are careful about testing things.  I'll try
> to find some time to read through the changes later.

I've been careful to test everything at each point, not just at the end.

> Here is my proposal: Land these changes now, do a release that we can
> push out into distros to get at least some exposure. Then, if you get
> the user menu done, we can repeat that procedure tomorrow...

I actually just finished the user menu:

The only thing I haven't tested there is the switch user feature.

Compared to gnome-shell, the differences are:
  - no icons for Available/Busy
  - just a Shutdown item instead of the magic Suspend/Shutdown on alt
    (tried to do it, but failed to get the modifier when only alt is

I need to check the new strings, and see what translations can be
imported from gnome-shell, and if release team is happy with it, request
string freeze break for the remaining strings (at least two).

Obviously, I'll do a tarball afterwards.


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