Re: Code freeze break requests for Totem

Philip Withnall wrote:

> Thanks to Luis Medinas, we've been notified that the Subtitle
> Downloader plugin in Totem was failing to open, and coupled with some
> bugs I spotted in the Jamendo plugin, the OpenSubtitles and Jamendo
> plugins in Totem are currently fairly broken.
> Can we get a code freeze break for the five patches in the following
> two bugs please?
> I've tested them, and they work fine; they're mostly trivial
> find-and-replace cleanups to fix changes in GTK+'s GIR since I last
> looked at the plugins.
> Patches attached for convenience.
> (Sorry for all the late breakage in Totem; it's mostly my fault for not
> keeping up with all the changes in g-i.)

Okay, 1 of 2.


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