Re: More patches for gnome-control-center

Cosimo Cecchi wrote:

> a new day, a new couple of patches for gnome-control-center. I hope
> these are the last patches I ask permissions to break code freeze for
> g-c-c.
> -
> Draw the background preview at the requested size instead of scaling up
> the 128x128 thumbnail we get from GnomeBG. This makes a huge difference
> in the background panel.
> -
> Make the XKB options dialog in "Region & Language" modal. It's confusing
> for it not to be modal, as you could end up having the dialog not
> following the selected keyboard layout, or even have more than one
> dialog open at the same time, and this also makes it consistent with
> similar dialogs in other CC panels.

My approval for both of them.


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