Re: libsoup freeze break request for build fixes

Le mardi 29 mars 2011, à 12:37 -0400, Dan Winship a écrit :
> For reasons that I don't understand, suddenly lots of people are running
> into a problem building libsoup. There is a patch for this in
> that I was going to
> commit for 3.0.1, but I've since seen two more people running into the
> bug, so maybe it would be good to commit it for 3.0.0.

That's really a build fix, so it's not covered by the freeze. Go ahead

> Additionally, there's been a handful of new APIs added since 2.32, but I
> forgot to bump the shared library minor version for that, so I'd like to
> do that too.

That's fine too, no need to ask if it's only the minor version :-)


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