moved brasero, empathy & evince back to core utilities


While reviewing the modulesets here at the release hackfest we noticed
brasero, empathy and evince were moved to the "apps" moduleset one
month ago.

  commit a9d883610ca1a7665ab90bdbcbc9ed122e697ec6
  Author: William Jon McCann <jmccann redhat com>
  Date:   Fri Feb 25 14:48:29 2011 -0500

    core-3.0: clean up core utilities

    Move some apps from core utilities to apps that don't meet the

"don't meet the requirements" is a bit light, we didn't find any
announce or further explanation to give some weight to the removal of
cd burning, messaging and viewing pdf from the core desktop; , so we
decided to get them back in.


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