Re: string freeze break for the network panel

[not a string freeze, just code, confirmed on IRC]

Matthias Clasen wrote:

> Here are two more patches for the control-center network panel:
> The first one fixes problems with incorrect refreshing of the UI when
> activating VPN connections. We were not tracking the state of the
> connection, so the UI gets stuck on an intermediate state like
> 'Authentication required' and you have to switch tabs an back to get
> 'Connected'.
> The second one is large due to the fact that it changes the layout in
> the ui file from boxes + sizegroups to grids. The effect is subtle but
> important: things no longer jiggle around as you switch between
> devices, and the headers are perfectly aligned with the content. This
> gives the UI a much more 'solid' feeling.

+1 for both of them.

Jason, I don't know if the network panel was in your set of
screenshots to reshoot for the documentation, but if you haven't done
them yet, here is a notice you might want to update to the latest.


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