Re: Freeze break: mutter: switching monitors loses workspaces

On Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 12:24 AM, Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
> With Mutter 2.91.92 there are two separate bugs that cause your
> workspaces to collapse to a single workspace
>  * If the primary monitor (the laptop screen, say) is on the left, then
>   there's a logic bug that causes the workspace assignments to be lost.
>  * If the primary monitor (the laptop screen, say) is on the right, then
>   all the workspaces are lost for a more fundamental reason - the
>   behavior of Metacity/Mutter for a long time is that if you hot
>   plug a new monitor, all your windows stay at the same X/Y positions
>   and hop to the other monitor. Since that's now a secondary monitor
>   outside your workspaces, Mutter sees your workspaces as empty
>   and deletes everything but the first workspace.
> has patches that
> address both of these. I like both patches, and think they are correct
> and safe, but I'm much more confident in that judgment for the one-line
> patch that fixes the case of primary monitor on the left than the bigger
> patch that fixes both cases. So, my instinct is that it makes most sense
> to apply only the small patch for 3.0.0 and see if we can get sufficient
> testing for 3.0.1 for the larger patch.
> I'm however willing to listen to people who think that handling both
> cases is really important for 3.0.0, especially if they give the patch
> some extensive testing. :-)

The one-line patch looks obviously correct. +1/2 for that. For the
more extensive fix, I'll defer to your instincts as the module
maintainer.  If you feel better having it in 3.0.1, so be it...

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