freeze break request: gnome-control-center

Applies to the dialog box that is shown in the network panel of the

commit 201958fc09a159871abbf3c80749ef30a2cbd646
Author: Richard Hughes <richard hughsie com>
Date:   Fri Mar 25 12:43:08 2011 +0000

    network: remove all the entries apart from VPN from the [+] dialog box

    We can't actually see the new connections for the other types, and
so it's deceptive at best
    to allow the user to create anything other than the VPN connection type.

diff --git a/panels/network/network.ui b/panels/network/network.ui
index 6342a7d..6e5b153 100644
--- a/panels/network/network.ui
+++ b/panels/network/network.ui
@@ -2377,25 +2377,9 @@
-        <col id="0" translatable="yes">Wired</col>
-        <col id="1">802-3-ethernet</col>
-      </row>
-      <row>
-        <col id="0" translatable="yes">Wireless</col>
-        <col id="1">802-11-wireless</col>
-      </row>
-      <row>
-        <col id="0" translatable="yes">Mobile Broadband</col>
-        <col id="1">gsm</col>
-      </row>
-      <row>
         <col id="0" translatable="yes">VPN</col>
         <col id="1">vpn</col>
-      <row>
-        <col id="0" translatable="yes">DSL</col>
-        <col id="1">pppoe</col>
-      </row>
   <object class="GtkDialog" id="connection_type_dialog">


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