Re: [orca-devel] gnome-settings-daemon patches

From: Frederic Crozat <fred crozat net>

>> Unless somebody can give this a good shake to check whether it's my
>> machine acting up, I won't be committing the UI patch.
> There was a bug in orca which was still checking gconf key instead of
> gsettings, attached patch fixes it. With it and patches in
> gnome-control-center + gnome-settings-daemon + at-spi2-core, orca
> starts correctly when enabled from g-c-c. The only missing part is
> a11y support for gnome-shell which needs the full session to be
> restarted to be effective in gnome-shell.


Just an acclaration here, although I already said that on the

The need to logout after change the accessibility toolkit support
"from FALSE to TRUE" was also required in the old desktop. Yes, it is
a nuisance, but it is not a priority right now.

The priorities in relation with a11y support on gnome-shell (and
taking into account this list, orca support on gnome-shell), is having
a proper a11y support when the a11y support is enabled, and having a
proper way to change between a11y enabled and disabled.

Yes, it would be good to not require to do the logout, something that
we only achieve is at-spi2 is running by default. But this is just
desired, not mandatory.



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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