Re: Freeze break for gedit

On Thu, 2011-03-24 at 20:05 +0100, Nacho wrote:
> Hey we need to push this patch:
> Right now the snippets plugin manager is useless without it,
> see that we had a lot problems on getting python plugins
> working with pygobject gobject introspected, so we may ask
> for more freeze breaks in relation to it.

<nacho> well the issue is that, that part of the code wasn't ported to
pygobject with g-ig yet
<nacho> there were some things that changed in pygobject and it was
without being update
<nacho> the main problem is that pygobject was working for our usecases
very late in the cycle
<nacho> and we are still fixing that things

Assuming that it's well tested and as it sounds like it can't get much
worse: r-t approval 1 of 2.

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