gnome-shell string freeze request

Hey guys,

One of the "holes" in the current gnome-shell ui is a lack of a
"Restart" button.  There's been a plan to add one for a while along
when some other design changes by putting it in the Power Off dialog.
).  Now the gnome-shell and gnome-session changes are staged and ready
to go, see:


If at all possible, it would be good to get this into GNOME 3 (so
probably would need to land today) since the lack of a restart button
has been somewhat contentious.  Unfortunately, the new design has
somewhat different strings.  The main differences is we now expose a
Restart button (but we already had a string for it in the source) and
now we use "Power Off" instead of "Shut Down" in a few strings.

Can we makes these changes?


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