3.2 roadmap planning

Since we didn't get to meet this weekend, I thought I'd send out a
list of things that fell of the 3.0 train at one time or another.
This list is unsorted, unprioritized and un-resourced, but may still
be useful as input for 3.2 brainstorming. I've CC'ed a few people
beyond release team, but I've probably missed some.

Shell / core stuff:

- 'Finding and reminding' in the shell. There are fairly detailed
writeups about this, and the Zeitgeist team and Federico have been
working on something that at least looks similar.

- Application menu / Actions / Jumplists. This got tied up in the
back-and-forth over GApplication and never really got finished.

- Accessibility: As Jon said in the discussion about the Universal
Access menu, we don't really have a story to tell here. Still not in a
position where we can turn on toolkit a11y  by default, and the shell
a11y leaves a lot to be desired too

- On-screen keyboard: to really work, the osk needs to be integrated
in the shell; there's existing designs for this.

- Tablets / touch / scrollbars: Make GNOME work on touch devices.

- System dialogs: We got gnome-session and polkit dialogs converted,
gnome-keyring is next on the list. Work-in-progress patches exist

- Device hotplug: There was the idea (and some mockups) for moving
this into either notifications or shell-style dialogs

- Sharing: We have rygel, and gnome-user-share, but no finished design
for how this is going to appear in a control-center panel

- Login screen: gdm got some facelist, but it is still pretty much a
gnome2 login screen. We have a design for a shell-style greeter.

- Network: we are working hard on it atm, but the network panel will
clearly need to be fleshed out more completely for 3.2


- We don't have a good contracts story. There were discussions around
it (folks, web accounts, etc), would be good to improve that in 3.2

- There was a proposal by the epiphany team to look at epiphany /
shell integration

- Sadly, empathy is not a great chat application; with chat being such
a prominent feature in 3.0, we really should be doing much better here

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