Re: UI and string freeze break request for blocking contacts in Empathy

2011-03-11 12:53 keltezéssel, Johannes Schmid írta:

We recently implemented contacts blocking in Empathy and are wondering
if that's something we could merge to master.

The branch adds some UI and strings so it needs a freeze exception.

That's a feature that loads of users have been asking for a while so
this may be a cool addition to 3.0.
With my i18n-head on I guess that should be managable if merged within the
next fews days as we are at the beginning of string freeze.

I guess the doc people probably would like to have a working live cd
package next wednesday (Hackfest) though...

Anyway 1/2 from i18n.

2/2, go ahead!

Gabor Kelemen

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