Official announcement and invitation to GNOME 3.0 Hackfest and GNOME.Asia Summit 2011

Dear all,

We've finally finalize dates, website and announcements for the upcoming GNOME 3.0 Bangalore Hackfest followed by the GNOME.Asia Summit 2011. You can read the full announcement here but in short we targeting to gather release, documentation and marketing people together to finish GNOME 3.0 under the same roof just before the release (April 6th is the release date), and using this opportunity to have the 4th edition of GNOME.Asia Summit just after in one of the software development centers of the world: Bangalore.

So Hackfest registration is happening here: , call for papers for the conference is here and conference registration will be opening soon.

As a side note the Gnome foundation will be providing some goodies for people organizing launch parties for GNOME 3.0 wherever they are (that would be one week later), more will be announcement very very soon!

A big thank you to all the people involved and who have helped us here and there, and the prompt publication on!


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