need guidance on gsettings port of gnome-terminal


g-t has 2 gnome-3.0 blocker bugs that concern porting from gconf to
gsettings (bug #590774 and #624856). I have a (mostly) working port of
g-t to gsettings, but due to gsettingslist not yet existing, it cannot
support multiple profiles. Does the release-team think that's an
acceptable regression? Otherwise g-t would continue to use gconf for
its gnome 3.0 release.

(Another problem is gconf->gsettings migration; due to renamed keys,
values, and the profiles, it can't use the simple keyfile migrator. I
have a working custom migrator, but the migrator has no hooks for
running arbitrary executables, and at least mclasen is opposed to
adding that [discussion on #gtk+].)


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