gnome-3-0 branch of gnome-user-docs

There was already a gnome-3-0 branch for gnome-user-docs.
I made this a while ago as a staging ground for the new
help. We then switched to master. In retrospect, I should
have named the branch differently.

I discovered through Blip that JHBuild is already using the
gnome-3-0 branch, so I went ahead and did the surgery to
make it actually current.

This is earlier than I would have like to do a stable branch,
but it's my own fault for naming a development branch poorly.

So from here on out, let's do our commits on the gnome-3-0
branch. I'll handle merging them into master.

Translation teams: you won't get an automatic notification
of the branch, because it was made long ago. So consider
this your branch notification.


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