Meeting minutes (April 17th)


 Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias (API)
 Andre Klapper (andre_)
 Frédéric Crozat (fcrozat)
 Frédéric Péters (fredp)
 Javier Jardón (jjardon)
 Kjartan Maraas (kmaraas)
 Lucas Rocha (lucasr) (late)
 Matthias Clasen (mclasen)
 Vincent Untz (vuntz)

 Colin Walters (walters)
 Luca Ferretti (elleuca)
 Olav Vitters (bkor)
 Sorry, I suck


 - release team membership changes
 - 3.2 schedule
 - release assignments
 - 3.0 post mortem
 - 3.2 feature planning
And if time permits:
 - external deps
 - .tar.xz


 + update wiki page about release team members (done after meeting)
 + send mail to announce release team membership changes
 + send mail to marketing team to thank them for their work on 3.0

 + send out another round of mail about feature planning, and cc
   designers (done after meeting)

 + add hackfests and GUADEC to schedule (done after meeting)
 + add release assignments to schedule file in git (for mail reminder)
   (done after meeting)
 + add "end of features discussion" date (3.1.1) (done after meeting)
 + announce 3.2 schedule, and drop a note to distributor-list too
 + announce feature proposal period

 + enhance the Features/Accessibility page with links and relevant info

 + add an "owner" section to the features page (done after meeting)
 + add a "fix annoying things" feature page

 + make sure new members have sufficient access on servers (done after

Release Team Membership Changes

 + Karsten (guenther) left the release team at the beginning of February
 + fcrozat is leaving
 + vuntz is leaving, and the release manager role is transferred to
 + lucasr is leaving
 + proposal to promote elleuca out of "trainee" status is accepted
 + API was nominated (to replace guenther) and is accepted
 + jjardon was nominated by fcrozat to replace him and is accepted
 + walters was nominated to replace lucasr and is accepted

Doc for new team members:
Need to contact bkor to upgrade their account to be able to publish
GNOME releases (git+ftpadmin is needed).

3.2 Schedule

 + Andre created a draft:
 + We'll do feature planning until 3.1.1 instead of opening proposal
   for new modules. This will help us know what new modules we
 + People are happy with the schedule.

Release Assignments

Apr 27 3.0.1  fredp
May 11 3.1.1  mclasen
May 25 3.0.2  jjardon (fredp)
Jun 15 3.1.2  API (kmaraas)
Jul 06 3.1.3  mclasen
Jul 27 3.1.4  walters (mclasen)
Aug 17 3.1.5  TBD
Aug 24 3.1.90 TBD
Sep 07 3.1.91 TBD
Sep 21 3.1.92 TBD
Sep 28 3.2.0  TBD
Oct 19 3.2.1  TBD

3.0 Post Mortem

 + release went much smoother than we expected
 + people who went through the pre-2.0 days have complimented us on the
   execution of 3.0
 + hackfest before the release was extremely useful to determine exactly
   what was to be done, and to get confidence about the release
 + many many many freeze break requests
   - the process was good since it helped people think twice about
     changes, though
   - the biggest freeze break came from the release manager, ahem
 + a11y is broken, which is bad
   - suggested the creation of a desktop smoke test document
 + NetworkManager 0.9 was a weak point (with various bugs, regressions
   still need to be fixed for 3.2)
 + it was too hard for people to test GNOME 3 during the first part
   of the development cycle. Live images and availability of packages
   helped afterwards. We should consider making live images a regular
   part of the release process
 + the marketing team did an amazing work (videos, new website, etc.)
 + there was good coordination with marketing team (new website and 3.0
   happening at the same time, for instance)
 + we should keep an eye on 3.0 reviews to know what is most annoying
   to people in this release.
 + for next time:
   - make sure press release clearly specifies it is a  pre-notice;
     actual release is later (LWN was confused)
   - perhaps more focus on spreading word of release-notes existance

3.2 Feature Planning

 + Features are tracked at
   - "task owners" is mandatory
 + The accessibility team has
   it should be linked from the Features/Accessibility page
 + The gnome-shell team and has already put names next to their
   high-priority features for 3.2; that's not meant to exclude others
   from working on any of these, just making sure that important things
   have an 'owner' and get done
 + A number of high-priority non-shell tasks also have 'owners'
   already, one that is unfortunately unassigned currently is
 + One thing that would be good to have is a list of 'top 5 annoyances
   with 3.0'. Could try to fitler that out of reviews - maybe a job for
   the marketing team?

Next meeting

Should be at the end of the 'feature planning' phase, mid-may. It should
happen after the ATK hackfest (starts on the 9th).

=> plan is to do it on Sunday May 15th, at 18:00 UTC.

Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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