Re: gnome-control-center new string?

On Wed, 2011-04-06 at 15:48 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:
> I'm trying to fix
> which has just become a release blocker for Fedora 15. I'm proposing
> we add the following patch to gnome-control-center so that we can fix
> the issue properly for 3.0.1
> I know we don't normally allow string additions in stable branches,
> but I thought I'd ask anyway. Ideas welcome.
> +     /* TRANSLATORS: this is when the access point is not listed
> +      * in the dropdown (or hidden) and the user has to select
> +      * another entry manually */
> +     PANEL_WIRELESS_COLUMN_TITLE, _("Other..."),

The string already exists in g-c-c so technically speaking it is not a
string freeze break:
#: ../panels/user-accounts/um-language-dialog.c:180
msgid "Other..."

However I don't know if some languages require a translation context
(msgctxt) here which would make this a new separate string, in case the
two translations differ (gender of strings that each of them refers to).

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