Re: Freeze break: gnome-shell: network menu overflow

On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 12:32 AM, Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
> On Sun, 2011-04-03 at 10:05 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
>> Le samedi 02 avril 2011, à 22:16 -0400, Owen Taylor a écrit :
>> > Patch in the bug take a simple approach of adding a scrollbar to the
>> > section when needed. I think the patch is pretty low risk because it
>> > doesn't add any complicated tracking logic. There are a few hackish
>> > low-level layout and event handling aspects but it's certainly not
>> > the level of hack that there would be to add a scrollbar to a GtkMenu -
>> > menus in shell are basically just boxes with children.
>> I'm not a fan of adding this now if there are a few hackish things in
>> it, as there will be basically no time to make sure it'll get fully
>> tested.
> Well, we have thorough testing of how things are working currently,
> and it isn't pretty. Dense accumulations of wireless networks are pretty
> normal.
> The hackish parts are to avoid larger and much riskier real fixes
> (width-for-height layout for StBoxLayout, rewriting event handling in
> StScrollbar), and I feel they are *relatively* safe. The most likely
> sort of bad bug might be some sort of corner case where we would get a
> thrown exception and a stuck menu up, but clicking aronud the menu all
> weekend I haven't seen that. FWIW...
>> Also, I find it weird that it won't behave like overflowing GtkMenu...
> I think it's probably weirder to *us* to have a scrollbar in a menu
> than to *users* - e.g., the distinction between a GTK+ menu and a
> webbrowser completion dropdown with a scrollbar is probably pretty
> subtle to users.
>> Is the long term plan to keep it with a scrollbar, or do you consider it
>> more like a quick fix for 3.0?
> I'm considering it more of a short-term fix. We don't have consensus
> on a long term plan design yet. How should the items be ordered? Is
> there are a More... expander or does More... take you  directly to
> network settings?
> I'd like to improve ordering in the menu for 3.0.1 (right now, the 5
> items that appear above More... are completely random), but that doesn't
> fix the problem.
> Basically, I don't think this is bad UI (except for the random
> ordering.) It would be better with some visual tweaking, but I think it
> will carry us to 3.2.

I'm in favour of adding the scrollbar short-term fix today. Leaving
this easy-to-find UI glitch unadressed will look bad in reviews..

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