Re: freeze break request: fix pyatspi.getState().getStates()

Mike Gorse wrote:

> AT-SPI has a method to return the list of states contained in a
> state set as an array, but this sometimes fails with pyatspi on
> 64-bit architectures because of what I think is a bug in pygi.  In
> any case, pygi is copying an argument from an array (an int in this
> case) and later assuming that it has a valid long value, so it might
> read eight bytes where only four were initialized.  I've filed the
> issue as BGO#646581.  I would like to apply the attached patch to
> pyatspi for the time being; it works around the issue by not making
> the problematic C call.

Mmmm, I'd certainly prefer to have the pygobject patch applied; adding
Tomeu for comment.


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