system-tools-backends 2.10.2

       Module: system-tools-backends
      Version: 2.10.2
  Uploaded by: Milan Bouchet-Valat
 sha256sum: 7cb20795e540424ae2b5bde862ad0ec62ab616c21e209d6cdfca0ce7e6bdceaa
      size: 574K
 sha256sum: 1dbe5177df46a9c7250735e05e77129fe7ec04840771accfa87690111ca2c670
      size: 438K


The System Tools Backends version 2.10.2 "Stop Joking" have been released. This stable release
is backward compatible with 2.10.0.

Changes since last release

    - Don't create empty /etc/ntp.conf (Colin Watson)
    - Allow any sessions, not only active ones, to authenticate via PolicyKit
    - Support creating groups with default GID instead of fixed one

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